Page 1 of 2 - BIONICLE Books in PDF! - posted in Bionicle Discussion: Hello Everyone! Im proud to myself to show you my work. The G1 Story. Here you go! The Biomedia project has basically all of everything. Books, comics, games, animated shorts. Bionicle Chronicles Bionicle Adventures Bionicle Legends Bionicle Bara Magna Many people have been wanting to read the BIONICLE novels.

Bionicle Books Pdf

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Mystery of Metru Nui (Bionicle Adventures, #1), Trial by Fire (Bionicle Adventures, #2), The Darkness Below (Bionicle Adventures, #3), Legends of Metru. A Bionicle comic book is also published by DC Comics and available free to .. to use on the site to access and download chapters of the book in PDF format. Bionicle Chronicles is the first book series set in the Lego Bionicle universe. Although it was .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

An English version has been posted on the official Bionicle website. However it is only available to people who have an account on the LEGO websites including the official Bionicle website.

Codes were provided on the official Bionicle website for people with accounts to use on the site to access and download chapters of the book in PDF format. The regular comics have been story lined from to the storyline. The first three issues were about the rise of the Toa Mata. Then issue 16 started the Metru-Nui stories, later going into the Hordika starting with issue The series ended with issue The Ignition series follows the storyline. The Bionicle staff hired a new artist, Stuart Sayger, who had a "darker, edgier" style.

The series had 11 issues.

The Battle for Power subseries covered the storyline. It had a new artist, Leigh Gallagher. It had 4 issues. The Glatorian series covers the story. The comic had a new artist, Pop Mhan. The series had 5 issues.

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The subseries kept Pop Mhan as the artist. The subseries had 2 issues. There have been several promotional comics.

The first one was released with the Happy Meal at McDonalds. You would receive a promo Tohunga later renamed Matoran , due to a conflict over the use of the maori language and a comic.

In the spring of , three promotional comics on the Morbuzakh saga were sold in Mega Lunchables. Some canister sets have had shortened mini-comic versions of the LEGO comics.

Bionicle Adventures Series

There were five cards in each one: The packet came with a mini comic that had an instruction booklet telling the person how to play the game. There was another card game that was sold instead of collected, like the above which included a board along with other accessories to play the game.

The package also included one holographic card, which featured the combination of a Phantoka and a Matoran. The packages were given away for free in many toy stores in Europe if you bought a Phantoka set.

Besides the movies, books, comics, et cetera, there are other ways parts of the Bionicle Story have been told. The official Bionicle website had some information about parts of the Bionicle story.

Bionicle Chronicles

Also, some of the comics mentioned earlier were available on the site. There were also some biographies of some of the characters. Among the offerings were podcasts, recorded by Bionicle writer Greg Farshtey, story serials, and "blog" chapters, which were each one or two pages of story text styled as a journal entry of one of the fictional Bionicle characters.

On the homepage for the official Bionicle website, there were a collection of audio recordings, called the Mata Nui Saga , that tell some of Mata Nui's story. But on the way, they confront an ancient being, the deadly Karzahni. After leaving his realm, the Matoran become six new heroes.

What they find instead are the vicious Piraka and a desperate Matoran resistance fighting for freedom. But when two of the Piraka steal the power of the mighty Brutaka, Toa Jaller and his team must fight for their very lives against evil unbound.


And what of the mysterious seventh Piraka? The answers await in this tale of Bionicle. The Toa must defeat the Piraka to reach the mask, but if they do, they will face a monster beyond all imagining born from an ancient curse.

It's a place of unknown dangers and bizarre creatures, ruled by six merciless deep-sea monsters whose like the surface world has never been seen. They dominate a world where the rule is eat-or be eaten. Welcome to a world of darkness Can they convince the Matoran who live in the watery city of Mahri Nui to trust them?

Can they retrieve the Mask of Life before the Barraki figure out how to control it? And will they be able to overcome the greatest challenge of all: the return of Makuta?

What does this shadowy figure want from Matoro? And will Matoro end up betraying his friends before it's all over? At stake is the future of their world. If they fail, there is no world With new armor that allows them to soar in the sky, the Toa begin a journey that will lead them to a mysterious city in the clouds.

When they arrive a battle is already raging, will the Toa choose the right side? They must find it if they are to begin the process of awakening the Great Spirit Mata Nui. If they fail, death and destruction await them. With new vehicles, and a newly altered Takanuva, the Toa will continue the fight - and awaken Mata Nui.

Who will win? But are the Bone Hunters the only threat, or is life on all of Bara Magna about to change forever? But all is not lost as it seems, and great warriors lurk even in the heart of the desert.

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Mata Nui meets the Glatorian, fighters with the hearts of Toa, who agree to help him with his quest to return home. Along the way, disaster strikes. Villages are being destroyed, flattened by ruthless warriors. Mata Nui must stay to help his new friends-and, perhaps, discover the key to his own destiny. Novelization of the movie Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. But first, they must defeat Makuta Teridax, Nektann and his Skakdi army, an entire army of Rahkshi, and a group of vengeful Skrall, who have all pledged their allegiance to Teridax.

This is the final Bionicle chapter book, from the original storyline. Note: Only the first two books were serialized in the U. S and Canada. The third, Journey's End, was only published in Poland. An English version was posted on Bionicle. However, it was available only to people who had an online Lego account. Codes were provided on Bionicle.

City of Legends — The Toa Metru fight to save their city from a terrible evil.

But sometimes the strongest fighter is really the smartest. Will he find dangerous creatures - or new friends? But when Ackar is attacked by a rock steed, Mata Nui faces a true test. Features winning entries from the Lego Club's Build-a-Rahi contest.

Also includes a short story, "Birth of a Dark Hunter". Explore the lands, learn their histories, dangers, and secrets Want to know more about the Piraka? They're all here. And what about Nidhiki or Makuta? The Toa? The Toa Inika? The city of Metru Nui?Thanks for continuing this project, I haven't viewed anything yet, but from the discussion, it sounds amazing.

Share in…. The third, Journey's End, was only published in Poland. I own an entire collection of the Bionicle books excluding the ones from Bara Magna, they always seemed kind of "different" to me , but having some in PDF form is very handy.

They are later captured and mutated into the Toa Hordika: half-Toa, half-Rahi. Journey's End" PDF. They then find themselves allied with the Rahaga. It was cancelled to shorten the book schedule, and as a result of decreased sales. Once the Toa decided to fight him anyway, he fused with the swirling mass of parts that were floating above them and took on a vortex form.

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